Jeff Moore's vision for the city of Omaha is to strengthen and improve our city.



Serving on the Omaha Planning Board has given me invaluable experience to make the move to the City Council. For over 4 years, I have been able to weigh in on decisions from projects as large as the Omaha Riverfront Redevelopment and The Crossroads to projects such as adding a detached garage on to someone’s property.  All projects are important to the individual or developer bringing their case to us and I have given each proposal my full attention.

The future looks bright for Omaha, but we will never be done in making it better. We need to continue to develop additional transportation routes for ORBT in North, South and Southwest Omaha.  We need to challenge developers to use Tax Increment Financing for affordable housing developments. And as Omaha begins to grow up rather than out, we need to work with neighborhoods to make sure that they are heard and that we work together on projects that are beneficial to all.

There is no one running in this district that can bring this kind of experience to the Omaha City Council like I will.



2020 was especially hard on the city of Omaha.  We lost the CWS, March Madness, the Olympic Swim Trials and hundreds of concerts and events throughout the city.  These losses to the city are estimated at well over $100 million dollars.  We also lost bars and restaurants and with that our friends and neighbors lost jobs and careers.

As we turn the calendar to 2021, how do we move forward? As we optimistically move past the pandemic with a vaccine and caution, how do we bring visitors back to Omaha?  Events equal visitors, visitors equal tax revenue to the city, and more tax revenue equals keeping our taxes down.

Being an Ambassador for the Omaha Visitors Center for the last 7 years has given me a unique perspective to what draws visitors to Omaha.  Yes we have the best zoo in the country and hope to get the big events back on the schedule, but I have also learned that it is the Old Market and other neighborhood districts that draw visitors to Omaha.  I would like to see Millard become one of these destination districts with restaurants, bars and businesses advertising as one.

Omaha has an opportunity to become the jewel of the Midwest, but we need an identity.  What can Omaha be known for now and in the future? Can we become the city of live music? The city of Lights? The City of Murals or Art. Omaha needs a leader that will work to create an Omaha of tomorrow.  I will work with the Visitor’s Center, the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, the private sector and the arts and entertainment industry to develop this identity.

Men with Calculator


I don’t know a single person in Omaha that doesn’t think we pay too much in taxes.  I also don’t know a single person in Omaha who thinks that our streets are in great condition, that our snow removal is the best, and the jury is still out on our new trash and recycling contract. 

People, it is tough to balance out quality services while lowering taxes or keeping them the same.  I certainly am not in favor of increasing taxes, so I have to look at spending. As simplistic as it sounds, what can we afford to keep doing and what must be changed or reduced? Of the hundreds of millions of dollars that are spent, what are the most beneficial to the citizens of Omaha?

I have started and built a successful small business. It did not become what it is today by spending money that did not contribute to the success of the business or by spending more money than I was bringing in.  Spending like that would have led me to bankruptcy.  


As your City Councilman, I will challenge how Omaha spends it’s tax dollars because you deserve it.

Police Cars


Many police departments across the country have come under scrutiny over this past year and Omaha’s is no different.  We have heard phrases such as “Defund the Police” or “Reallocate funding” discussed by people here in our community. I ask this question.  If you are unsatisfied with the Omaha Police Department, how does taking all or some of their budget away make them better?  We would eventually have less officers that are patrolling our neighborhoods, responding to emergencies, keeping us safe.  I believe that the Omaha Police may need additional funding so that they can be better trained for situations that they encounter with the citizens of Omaha.


 I have known many officers over the years and I will tell you this, at the end of the day, they all want to go home to their families and they want the people that they engage with to be able to do the same.  Is law enforcement for everyone? Certainly not and those not meant to be on the force should be dealt with swiftly by Chief Schmaderer to protect the people of Omaha.